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Among the many digital marketing tools we use at Bigfish, HubSpot is a favorite because of its emphasis on inbound marketing.

For the uninitiated, inbound marketing seeks to capitalize on the opportunity to develop conversations with leads based on their stated needs. As such, inbound puts your content in front of people specifically seeking information about—and help with—a challenge.

In that sense, inbound isn’t about talking at customers, it’s about talking with them and giving them new options to think about as they move through their purchase decision process.

To boost, refine, and reinforce our inbound skill sets, many members of the Bigfish team took advantage of the inbound marketing coursework HubSpot offered. We asked these recently-certified Bigfish peeps about their impressions, here’s some of what they had to say:

What was your favorite part about the certification?


As a Hubspot agency partner, we don’t just utilize the Hubspot platform on behalf of clients, we also utilize it for our own marketing. As for Bigfish marketing, it’s a team effort, to say the least. Thus, my favorite part of the inbound certification is that it’s a great resource presented in a relatively quick format that the whole team (strategists, designers, and developers alike) could take. Even better, it turned out to be a good way to get on the same page regarding Bigfish processes and goals.


What I liked most about the certification is the chance to learn more about inbound sales as a whole. That may sound boring…but it isn’t. Being a web developer, I’m often asked to create or assist with email marketing campaigns, social media and content. In terms of having a better grasp on the whos, whats and whys of messaging, I found the certification information to be relevant and useful.


I didn’t really have a “favorite” part of the certification aside from completing it! I received a similar certification a few months ago—B2B Master—from Oracle. It was a little different in that it was focused on more traditional web marketing. However, similar in that it was a marketing based certification. So, I guess the most interesting part would be comparing outbound and inbound strategies and being able to make different types of purpose-built, digital interaction clearer to Bigfish clients—that’s helpful.

 What was your big takeaway from inbound certification?


I view certification as a straightforward way to unify thinking within Bigfish. In that sense, it wasn’t so much an exercise in reinventing any wheels, but more a reinforcement and reenergizing of our inbound goals and techniques. Content creation and placement, SEO, and meeting clients where their challenges are—it’s an ongoing process. Bigfish is blessed with true thought leaders and practical problem-solvers: certification was a reminder that we need to talk with our audiences on a regularly scheduled basis.


That the path to success is more about developing a relationship with clients than about creating an overnight viral sensation. It starts with building out a system based on customer profiles. Then, proceeding at a measured pace, keeping track of the data to inform every next move.


The certification, though fairly high-level, allowed the Bigfish team to rally around a group goal. It also helped us stoke the fire behind our various marketing efforts. We can be guilty (just like our clients) of sometimes getting into a repetitive motion. We also need to occasionally take a step back and re-focus on our goals. Refining our audience personas and planning channel-specific content for the rest of 2017 was an outcome of this exercise that I think we’re all excited about.

How does inbound certification apply to your position here at Bigfish?


All the talk of funnels, personas, and content creation got me excited about Bigfish possibilities. I also saw how it would help with growing my position and skillset. The portion on Social Media was packed full of usefulness. It has already inspired some movement within the Bigfish social team! I think any opportunity to expand your mind and gain tools to help build your company and personal position is a win. So, what’s next?


I’m already heavily involved with content creation. But I think having a team approach based on everyone digesting the same strategies will pump up the idea pipeline and invigorate content contributions from more perspectives. Because the ideas we discuss around the office should be shared. Frankly, the same holds true for our clients—they talk about social media and blogging and thought leadership, but they need to make a bigger commitment to following through on their plans.


In my position at Bigfish, I regularly speak to clients about marketing tactics we can use to achieve their goals. Inbound marketing and the strategies behind content marketing, are frequent topics in those discussions. So, it was great to see team members who aren’t always a part of those conversations dive into the methodology. And even better, develop a sense of what we do for our clients on a daily basis.

Reading about best practices is nice. Practicing them is even nicer.

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