Guidelines for Creating Effective Digital Case Studies

Case Studies are digital content marketing at its best. They illustrate in real terms just what your brand does for clients using specific examples.

Sell work shoes, B2C? Show people how your new design made construction work safer. Sell software B2B? Show them how a company you worked with improved efficiency. In other words, the feature the right results for the right people.

Of course, case studies need to look good and say a lot in just a quickly scrollable section of digital real estate. Bigfish has the case study down to an art and a science—we link below to some of our work with both B2B and B2C clients to show you how we do it. First though, here are some best practices:

1. Identify Objectives

While it’s tempting to draw attention to your work for recognizable big-name clients, the point of the case study is to feature what you did well and the ROI achieved. In the final analysis, showcasing the great service/product you provided for a lesser-known client is more effective than so-so work you did for a household name.

2. Reach Out

It’s always a good idea to make sure you have permission from your clients to highlight their projects. So get in contact and tell them precisely what you’ll be doing and ask if it’s okay. Most often, clients are flattered to have their success broadcasted. On the other hand, be polite and respect what might be proprietary.

3. Formatting

Lots to keep in mind regarding presentation. For starters, consistency is good, but including a mix of appeals to different learning styles will net you more views. The internet is a quick-scroll kind of world, long passages of copy tend to get bypassed. So consider visually-appealing infographics using some readily available templates for free online. Or get ad agency help with a custom made infographic, short video or animated gif. That’s an extra smart move for sharing your work on social—Google adds points to your SEO ranking for including visual media content.

4. The Process – Conversation to Completion

Sometimes the final product doesn’t tell the full story. On certain projects, the process is just as important. Remember: the strength of some case studies is the way they demonstrate how well you listened to and understood your client.

Now, for the Bigfish format. Follow the links to see it in action!

Unlike Bigfish, your company may serve clients in less visual ways. If your case studies are about technical, administrative or managerial products and/or services, you may need creative help to effectively tell your story.

As we said, Bigfish has that down to an art and science. Call us—we can definitely bring your case study to digital life!

Reading about best practices is nice. Practicing them is even nicer.

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