From around these parts…or not.

Despite partnering with clients who have global reach, at Bigfish, we consider ourselves a hometown Scottsdale, AZ agency. We’re never shy about being civic boosters at Bigfish either—as the state and metro area grow, we cheer and participate in the progress.

Of course, most everyone understands that a considerable portion of those who now call metro Phoenix home are originally from somewhere else. That happens to include members of the Bigfish team. In fact, more are from outside Arizona than from within it.

With that in mind, we decided to design a graphic depiction of the many and far flung locations where Bigfish tribespersons were born and/or raised. Some just got here, some have been Arizonans for a long time, and we can’t necessarily draw any conclusions based on the origins, except for the two people who claim that those from Detroit have a special thing for Dancing in the Streets.

In any case, check it out:

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