What Facebook’s 10 Year Plan Means for Marketers

Facebook: Not just a social media powerhouse, a marketing through social media powerhouse.

Facebook has big plans, plus the guts, vision, and discipline to execute them over a decade. Their ever-expanding reach into the social and cultural pulse of the planet makes them quite possibly the most essential channel for marketers eager to distribute content, connect with audiences, and convert leads into loyalists. To thrive in this next generation of social, you’ll need to know Facebook’s next moves.

01.  Video

It’s no secret that Facebook has made video content a priority. Animated, pre-filmed, live—video content is more readily promoted on news feeds and more broadly distributed among users. Brands like Vox, Buzzfeed, and Group Nine Media have built colossal Facebook followings by churning out this type of content. Simple, short, high-quality videos that appeal to a rabid consumer appetite for quick, catchy, shareable content. In layman’s terms, video content nets marketers a huge advantage over non-video options—that’s why it’s worth the extra spend. Meanwhile, be on the lookout for an upcoming slew of original Facebook shows debuting this fall. Partners like the aforementioned will soon be producing content for Facebook built around an ad-revenue model, alongside scripted, longer form shows currently under wraps.

02.  Mobile

80% of social usage now comes from mobile. You could worry yourself over the difficulty of converting leads through mobile, or you could let Facebook do it for you. Facebook Lead Ads are a fresh addition to the Facebook Business repertoire. They allow marketers to create precisely targeted ads capable of quick lead conversion. When they tap your ads, potential customers will see a form filled with the info they’ve already shared with Facebook; name, number, email etc… Simplicity and speed—just what mobile is all about.

03.  AI

We’ve already witnessed the monumental advances in targeted marketing thanks to deep learning tools from the likes of Facebook, Spotify, and Amazon. The future holds even more opportunities. Case in point: Facebook Lookalike Audience lets you to upload lists of ideal customers, then it analyzes profile parameters to dole out your ads to similar leads.

04.  Messenger

Speaking of AI bots doing your bidding, get ready for M Suggestions, Facebook’s new AI assistant for Messenger. M Suggestions creates quick offers based on keyword mentions in chats. For example, lets say you ask the group chat if you should order delivery before everyone arrives for UFC 216. Doing so will prompt a non-invasive CTA to order delivery from Delivery.com. The possibilities are endless: Imagine being able to message your lead a coupon directly, rather than having it swept up in the inbox deluge of spam. Or imagine sending someone a highly-tailored offer after they clicked your ad instead of chasing them with retargeted ads across the span of websites they visit afterwards. Facebook is also working on integrating chat capabilities between consumers and businesses. That way customers can resolve problems directly through Messenger either with an AI chat bot or real person.

05.  IoT Solutions

The growth of the IoT sector has expanded full throttle beyond Industrial Manufacturing into the consumer space. Home security systems talk to you…so does your refrigerator. The framework is in place to construct “smart cities,” and after that, a “smart world.” Far-fetched? Maybe. On the other hand, count on this: Facebook maintaining a strong presence on the cultural pulse of the masses: what they’re sharing, and what news is trending. And for marketers, staying up to date with the social innovations of the digital economy is going to be a matter of survival.

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