Color Coordinated Branding

Several of my recent posts tended to focus on branding aimed at a certain demographic. For lack of better terminology, I’ll go with quick and easy labeling and call this demographic ‘blue.’ Politics aside as usual, this post is a commentary on recent marketing appeals I saw and read about that are designed to reach out to ‘redder’ audiences.

First, on The Outposts, a rollout of five compounds conceived and managed by The Participation Agency, and purposefully located in ‘middle America.’ They’re designed to provide venues where big-city creative types—musicians and other artists mostly—can chill and interact with locals when passing through in something of a blue-red cultural exchange as loft party.

The Outposts also serve as hubs where marketers/brands can place samples of products and, thus, localize their appeal beyond the coasts. I read about The Outposts in a lengthy article appearing in Fast Company, it’s worth a look. The point is, and I agree: Hipsters aren’t just in New York and LA, their brand loyalty can and should be targeted on their terms at ‘outposts’ actually located on their turf.

Which brings me to this ad from Innocean USA, ‘Hybrid Blues.’ Is it intended to address a redder audience, who might not be inclined to think hybrid when car shopping? With messaging delivered by average, middle American, off-key songbirds, including a hardhat and a kickboxer who asserts that she never eats kale or hugs trees, I’d say yes. The point is, and again I agree: sporty 59 mpg vehicles can and should aim beyond blue audiences.

So can and should many other brands. Red, blue—when it comes to brand interest, appeals can be tailored culturally and locally, and even drift into refreshing, semi-purple overlap.

And last time I checked, all that potential revenue was green.

Reading about best practices is nice. Practicing them is even nicer.

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