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Some of the coolest places we like to hang out at online

The Bigfish team stays up-to-date by consuming all of the marketing content we can get our hands on. Some of us prefer reading publications like Ad-Age or Ad-Week, but we’re equally enthralled by commercial breaks during Hulu binge marathons. However, we thought we’d take a poll around the office to get some fresh recommendations from all the departments. Here’s what we found:


“My favorite time killer (outside of Pinterest, obviously) is This routes back to my college days in industrial design, as this site had a plethora of product design focused pieces. Over time it has spread its wings a bit more and covers everything from food and pop culture to marketing and great products. Winning!”

-Joleen, Senior Account Manager

Brand New

“Brand New has been archiving and showcasing brand history/transformation for quite a few years now. This site was recommended to me during my early years in art school and I have been using it as inspiration ever since. The blog is formatted to compare the before and after transformations and sometimes implementations of corporate, non-profit and product brands. Throughout the years the blog has undergone various changes, introducing more in-depth discussion options, poll voting, smart advertisement integration, news articles, and other modular items such as noted and pinned logos and design worthy items from around the web. Their latest re-design almost a year ago can be used as both an example on how the creators approach brand transformation and how their articles are structured.”

“The overarching website where Brand New lives is They are a relatively small graphic design firm that focuses on creating small and very curated projects and clients. They seem to work more on passion projects while creating content for their Brand New blog. Interestingly enough the couple that owns both the firm and blog are Mexican natives from Mexico City. They grew up and ended up moving to the US working for big agencies like Pentagram in NYC and eventually creating their design firm and sub-sequential blogs that led to Brand New.”

-Sebastian, Designer

Diggity Marketing

“Matt Diggity is my personal favorite SEO guru. His approach is straightforward and he’s knowledgeable about the entire spectrum of approaches to SEO from white hat to black hat tactics. Nothing that he puts out is conjecture, it’s all test based using real sites, of which Diggity has many. His background as an electrical engineer eschews the traditional perception of an SEO as a hokey “Marketer”, meaning he delves into the true framework of search engine algorithms to really understand the parts.”

-Jackson, SEO Specialist

Aisle One 

“I use it for inspiration to get my gears turning. I like that it’s simple and mostly visual, so I can tune out and just scroll through the latest and greatest of typography, print, packaging etc.”

-Melissa, Senior Designer

Product Hunt

“I love seeing new applications and tools to use in the industry. Product Hunt is a curated list of user voted products/apps that are either new or have been recently updated. This is not just centered around technology but also games, books, and sports. Some of the lists that I follow are Messaging Apps, Developer Tools, Productivity, FinTech and HealthTech.”

-Dennis, Technology Director

“This site is full of JavaScript magic! I use it to stay on top of emerging technologies with all sorts of JavaScript frameworks.”

-Dennis, Technology Director

Web Tools Weekly

“Another curated site that sends out a weekly email on all the shiny new tools for web development.”

-Dennis, Technology Director

The Hustle

“A curated daily email of news with a bit of sarcasm and fun thrown in. They describe themselves as your smart good looking friend that sends you business and tech news. One of my favorites!”

-Dennis, Technology Director


“Not only does Vice have a great daily news show which you can watch on their site, but also tons of channels from their site that can cater to most all forms of news you may be looking for. Want to read opinion pieces on activists working towards a better future? Vice Impact is probably the channel for you. Want the full new lineup to Coachella 2018? Check out Noisey for everything music.”

-Alex, Junior Account Manager

Anicka Yi

I’m blown away by the work of Anicka Yi.  Although she’s not technically a designer, her conceptual art—incorporating living things like bacteria and ants—pushes boundaries and challenges designers to think more deeply.

-Lenny, Copywriter


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