5 Adobe CC Update Highlights for Designers

Adobe Creative Cloud, how have you improved? A Bigfish designer spells it out.

Designers rely on Adobe to help us bring out our best, Adobe keeps on making improvements. Here’s the latest…

Dimension CC

Previously known as Project Felix, Dimension CC is one of Adobe’s newest programs. Dimension CC simplifies the process of creating 2D and 3D spaces for product shots, scene visualizations and more.

As designers, we know mockup creation is an essential part of providng clients with visuals that allow them see a full concept as if it’s already been produced. Whether you’re a wizard in Photoshop or simply use premade files, creating mockups can get painful sometimes. Happily, Dimension CC can help you take your scenes to the next level in both quality and detail.

Need to storyboard and can’t quite find the perfect shot? Dimension CC can help with that too. You have the ability to drag and drop your own background images, place in premade models and change the material, texture and shape of the scene’s contents. Dimension CC automatically adjusts the lighting, perspective and shadows for you. The program comes with preset backgrounds, models and materials, but you can find many more on Adobe Stock.


Calling all UX/UI designers – this one’s for you. Adobe XD CC is an all-in-one UX/UI program that moves you from concept to prototype faster and more efficiently. I cannot overstate how easy-to-use this program is.

“Why use XD when I already have a prototyping program that works for me?” Well, XD CC seamlessly works with top programs like Photoshop and Illustrator for easy integration between platforms. For designers, it’s extremely helpful when programs can work together to smooth the design process and make revisions painless.

Plus, shifting from low-fidelity to high-fidelity and interactive prototyping all in one place is simple using XD CC. Behance has fantastic examples of how this program is being used from music apps to fitness trackers. 

Illustrator CC

A fun addition to Illustrator CC is the new Properties panel. This panel lets you access the tools you need all on one dashboard. The intelligent panel knows which tools you will most likely need while editing a particular object, so can work faster within a clean, organized workspace.

Another useful addition to Illustrator is the Puppet Warp. Now, instead of editing every single key point, you can warp a graphic while keeping a natural look. The technology anticipates how you may want the curves to adjust and does so accordingly to maintain a smooth appearance.

Lightroom CC

The new Lightroom CC has integrated cloud-based storage to allow edits anywhere you are. It is compatible with both mobile and tablet devices for on-the-go editing. The cloud backup storage also gives you piece of mind when editing so you know you’ll never lose your work. Adobe takes this to the next level with direct social site sharing. This program is perfect for bloggers, travelers or anyone with a busy lifestyle. The down side? You do have to pay an extra monthly fee for cloud storage.

“So, what happened to the old Lightroom?” It’s still around, updated with minimal changes such as faster performance and improved masking tools.


A small, but useful improvement for designers is the new visual search capabilities in Typekit. If you’ve ever had a client looking for a specific font, you can run into a couple problems—either  you have no idea what the font is, or the desired font is way out of the client’s budget. With Typekit’s search improvements, you can upload a .jpg, .png, or .gif file to search for a particular font in their database. It offers results from all Typekit fonts as well as foundry partner collections. If Typekit doesn’t have the exact font match, it offers the most visually similar fonts so you can offer your client a suitable alternative.

If it sounds like I’m impressed with these updates, it’s because I am. I’m also impressed with the price point: Not unreasonable for all the added capacity and efficiency.

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