Marketing automation: find the solution that works for your organization.

At Bigfish, we find that we’re often involved in conversations with prospects and clients on the topic of marketing automation software and the various vendors offering those services. We know how to use many of them, we operate these systems FOR some of our clients—we’re always happy to discuss our experiences with companies in the process of evaluating (or revaluating) marketing automation tools for their own use.

Brand Self-awareness guides commitment to tonality.

Typically, the term ‘brand awareness’ describes the level of familiarity that a target audience has with a brand. The higher the brand awareness, the more people recognize the brand. But this post is about another type of brand awareness. This other type is something we like to call ‘brand self-awareness.’

Does That Compute?

So when should kids start learning how to write computer code? Well, the good folks over at Hour of Code think the sooner the better.

Hannibal Season 3 on NBC – Are You Watching?

Hannibal is one of the most darkly beautiful psychological dramas on film, let alone television. The fact that it airs on primetime network television is as surprising as it is bold. Showtime or HBO maybe, but NBC? Skepticism ends here.