What does your mother think you do for a living?

With Mother’s day in mind, we emailed our moms, asking them, “What do you think I do for a living?” Except for Lenny, that is: he’s leaving well enough alone. Anyway, here are some of the responses. Overall, it looks like our moms get it. Because our moms are really smart. Like their kids.

Lenny (Mike Pasa-el-agua)  |  Adrienne

My mother believes I’m a rum-soaked merchant marine sailing the globe in search of cheap coconuts. I won’t be disillusioning her anytime soon.

Alyssa Rogers  |  Carla

I think you are an integral part of a fast-paced marketing organization. One of the key components of your job is to interact with your clients to interpret their marketing strategies and create a plan that through branding, websites and webpages, media and print advertising, as well as other technological tools, so they can reach their target market. I think that you work closely with your clients to develop a clear picture of what they envision and then provide them with a positive outcome through the collaborative effort with various internal teams to transform the vision of the client into a successful marketing campaign.

Zachary Akbar  |  Beverly

When asked to write what I “think” my son does for a living for his company’s blog, I chuckled at the thought of what I might say considering I’ve held the same position for as long as I can remember.  The question presents itself – are you a Front-End Web Developer, a Back-End Web Developer, a UI Web Developer, a Web Developer or what I refer to as a Deep Solution Web Developer?  I believe Zach falls into the latter category.

The Deep Solution Web Developer job description is based on the concept that a person must have deep pockets containing an arsenal of tools and technologies required to get the job done correctly, on time, and within budget.  He must be proficient in all stages of web development, from initial client conversation to design, development, and deployment.   While the degree of proficiency as well as the skills needed for any given project may vary in each area, he must be a one-man army, ready and willing to take on any development challenge that is presented.

As technology quickly evolves, so, too, must the skills of the Deep Solution Web Developer (especially one who steps into the Technology Director role as well).  New technology requires new skills and new skills development will be found in all aspects of this role.  Some of the most important technologies found in the Deep Solution Web Developer’s arsenal include, but are not limited to: JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, AJAX, Prototype Tools, etc.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills are also required.

Amber Chutich  |  Shelli

My daughter sits in a dark office writing code, I think. Code somehow tells a web page how to behave, if you click on a link it takes you somewhere. Sometimes she dresses up and gets to meet Clients. I think they tell her what they want on a website and she says, we can do that! Except she uses technical words that I don’t understand.

Amber is beautiful inside and out, intelligent and funny. I’m sure she is an asset to Big Fish even though I really have no idea what she does!

Joleen Jansen  | Therese

You suggest and advise clients regarding media mediums & create campaign ideas?

Kathryn Jarosz  |  Yvonne

You keep the children away from the adults, and the adults away from the children. Who is being kept away from who depends on the day. 😉

Ryan Carr  |  Lori

Sit in front of a computer and draw stuff with a mouse.

Sebastian Campos-Alvarez  |  Lety

You create messages through design that influences the public.

Jenna Handley  |  Pam

You’re a junior project manager that keeps all the projects organized and on track. You interface with fellow workers and clients to keep everyone on top of the projects. You are also the smartest person!

Melissa Berkley  |  Dora

You create logos, branding, editorial design for magazines, newspapers, books, advertising, web designs, communication design, product packaging and signage.  These creations can be used for systems, posters, advertisement, packaging, visualizations either digitally or physically…Or I could of given the mom answer: She creates beautiful award winning pieces of art because she is so smart and very, very creative!!  Everyone loves her work.  🙂

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